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POSTED: 03/11/09

Crashings vs. Fangs

I thought it would be nice to start a new little topic we can discuss. I have heard various opinions on the lyrical content of Crashings verses Fangs. I know that the lyrics of Fangs haven't been available for you to read them, but I think from the biography and reviews everyone can get a good idea of the type. So with that being said, I would like to hear opinions about lyrics going from overt to obscure.

I do believe that Crashings was not as overt as people assume. Some of the song meanings are still misinterpreted, which I am fine with. And to add to that, I wrote most of those songs when I was 16 years old. Which of course, doesn't mean I regret them, I have just grown up, wether you want to accept it or not. The world turned, the sun went up and down and, just like every living thing that exists, I grew. With growth comes change, and it's never a bad thing if you allow it to affect you in a positive way.

The lyrics on Fangs have a few spiritual ideals bleeding through, but for the most part, they follow a completely fictional story.

On a side note:

Most people have expected to find lyrical content on this new record to have bitter overlay, nuances of past problems, or proclaiming wrongs done to me. I did not set out to make a record documenting the problems of the past several years within Falling Up. From all the heartache and hard times to the let downs and discouraging moments. Those are pointless memories to bring up. They are the past and that's where they will stay. Art and music and poetry deserve more than to be just used and abused as a way of receiving justification. I have always believed that negative attention is better than no attention at all and so I have steered clear of giving anyone the pleasure of attention. This record was meant to be set apart from all of that. I wanted it to be simply a story that is self created, self dependent, isolated in it's own fiction, and following it's own rules that it has self proclaimed.

With that last section being said, let's just stick to discussing the prior topic at the beginning of this blog. I just wanted to make sure that was voiced in case a question came up about it.


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