Bebo Norman

POSTED: 02/19/10


Man, I sorta checked out here for the last week or so. Lots of really good time with family and friends, so I guess that’s a pretty reasonable excuse, but I pretty much bailed on keeping up with the blog so I’m really sorry for that. Roshare started taking a class from 5PM-10PM Monday thru Thursday, so my normal blog-writing time became a bit more occupied with diapers, dinner, baths, and bedtime. My parents came in town this last Thursday night and stayed through the weekend – Miller was baptized (dedicated really) on Sunday and we had a big “baptism party” (any excuse, right?) at our house after church with a WHOLE bunch of kids and even more Mexican food (pretty much a staple around here). Really, REALLY, fun, but it goes without saying that our house has been a bit mad for quite a while. Today is really the first day in a week or so that things feel somewhat normal again. I had a writing session this morning with my buddy Stephan Sharp (he wrote Chris Tomlin’s “Made to Worship” among many others) and now I’m back home to keep the boys while Roshare runs out to Target and the grocery store, just in time for her to get back and showered before she heads to her class tonight. Add onto that yet ANOTHER snow day here in Franklin (snowiest winter in my 10 years living in Tennessee) and you’ve got a good picture of what our world has looked like for the last little bit. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that our dog Otis has taken up the absolutely delightful habit of “cleaning” Smith’s baby toilet for us regardless of what might be in it. Seriously, you can’t turn your back for a SECON

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