Bebo Norman

POSTED: 01/29/10


The song that my label is currently releasing to radio is one called “Never Saw You Coming,” and I received an email this morning from a radio station in Texas (KSBJ-Houston) asking for an explanation for one of the lyrics. I think they were really just examining the details of what the song actually means before they decided whether or not to put it out there for their listeners. First of all, let me just say that from a self-professed lyric-focused songwriter, I love that a radio station is willing to dig into the details of a song and wrestle with the responsibility of exactly what they play and what it means. It’s the same approach I take when I’m actually writing the songs…the pouring over the details is equally the most frustrating and inspiring thing about songwriting. Anyway, the line they were wondering about was the bridge – “Fall like stars on my shore/Still you are so much more.” The truth is, the bridge lyrics are definitely a little more abstract than the rest of the song. It’s really meant to break the song for a moment from the specific images of broken people rediscovering who God is into a more abstract image that represents how overwhelming and even supernatural our individual experiences with God can be. In other words, how do you describe what it might “physically” look like for God to overwhelm us with his Spirit, with his presence? For me, it was this image of falling stars – right in the middle of our deepest darkness, from what seems to be out of nowhere, something profoundly bigger than us has seen fit to enter into our world, into our space, to meet us exactly where we are in one breathtaking moment. And yet, that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what an encounter with God really is – it is “so much more” than we can even take in.

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