Bebo Norman

POSTED: 01/13/10


So I’d like to make a commitment to you. 365 days minus 12. I’d like to sit down every single day for the rest of this year and find at least one thing in each of those days that might be worth writing about. Hopefully not in some self-righteous, can’t get enough of himself, he really like the sound of his own voice, sort of way; but rather just to sort of be forced, if nothing else, to look at each day with a little bit of purpose. I’m certain that there will be many days that I will struggle to find anything of significance to record. After all, this life that we live is nothing if not rote and mundane much of the time. But I think that’s why I want to do this. Because I want to believe, I DO believe somewhere deep inside of me, that there is no day that is really insignificant. That there is no day that is not ordered in some way to remind us of beauty somehow. That there is no day that is not a specific part of a specific story that is being told. Please know that I may fail. I might not come through. I’m good at that. But I really want to do this…I want to be committed. I want to share the story, not because I think it will have some profound impact, but because I think that’s what we’re meant to do, what we were created for.

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