POSTED: 12/07/09

Christmas Fun and Recipes!

Sooo... here are some fun Christmas ideas and crafts...
I would LOVE to hear what all of you are up to this year.
This is our absolute favorite time of the year. It's also our Anniversary on the 15t... Read More
POSTED: 06/17/09

Daddy's home. Yay!

Ari wanted a picture of her and Jeremy together. :) Read More
POSTED: 06/13/09

That's what it's all about

Just wanted to share an exciting update...
I got an email from Jeremy and he said the shows have been going SO well and that there have been a bunch of people that have given their hearts to the Lord... Read More
POSTED: 06/10/09

For the ladies out there

My friend sent me this site.
It's around 20 min teachings by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.
So far all I've heard is really encouraging.
Much love! Read More
POSTED: 05/29/09


Hey Everyone
We're heading over to the UK tonight for a few days before the European shows start.
Please pray for safe travels and for all of us to adjust to the time zones that we're in (especially... Read More
POSTED: 05/12/09

60 and still going strong!

It was my Dad's 60th recently and so we sent him these photo's. The girls were so stoked, they love birthdays! Read More
POSTED: 05/12/09

A girl's heart...

My Mom sent me this great quote. :)

“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Him first to find her”.
Maya Angelou Read More
POSTED: 05/12/09

Photo Updates

Here are photos from the past month or so.....

The girls with Larry the Cucumber!

Bella's teacher's son was at school today and they got to play his cello and his flute!!

Jeremy and the b... Read More
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