POSTED: 11/26/08

Dedication ;)

Jeremy's mom and I went out and bought "Speaking Louder Than Before". *YaY* Baby!!! Read More
POSTED: 11/25/08

Happy Album Release Day!!

We are so thankful to Jesus for ALL He has done!
Love you guys!!! Read More
POSTED: 11/25/08

Pilgrims & Indians

They had a Thanksgiving Feast at Bella's school today.
It was awesome. They had a great demonstration of a day in the life of an Indian (A real one!!!).
There might be a picture of it on Jeremy's bl... Read More
POSTED: 11/20/08

AAAAAaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! One more week.

I am SO excited.
I pray with all my heart that this album will bless you guys and truly light the fire in your heart for Jesus more than ever before.

What an amazing day it will be when we truly r... Read More
POSTED: 11/20/08

My little confession

We put up our first Christmas decoration today. The start of MANY!!! *YaY*
I have a pink tree for the girls that we put up and decorated.
We also put our cozy flannel Christmas sheets on too!
I'm ... Read More
POSTED: 11/20/08

Mac & Cheese and other Healthy options!!

Warning: This is a TOTAL Mom blog entry!!!!! ;-)

So for all you mom's out there, I have a little secret when you make Mac & Cheese...

Instead of adding milk and butter to your cheese packet, add... Read More
POSTED: 11/20/08

Make-up Again!

Bella got into my make-up again! Read More
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