POSTED: 02/09/09

Did you know....?

I took the girls to the circus the other day.

And also found out that Jeremy's great-aunt used to be the girl that rode on the elephant's for this circus. (Years ago obviously). Fun piece of inform... Read More
POSTED: 01/28/09

Mom blog :)

For all the moms out there.
There are cool conversation starters with those who have older children and just a lot of really good advice.
Even if you don't want to read for hours, there's tons of li... Read More
POSTED: 01/05/09


Happy New Year!
Hope we all draw closer to the Lord and become more and more aware of Him in every area of our lives.
I pray we will love harder and seek Him more intently!
All my love in Jesus,
A... Read More
POSTED: 01/05/09

Family Christmas Pic

Read More
POSTED: 12/23/08

What a Day!

We had such a great day today.

Jeremy, myself, the girls, Matt and some of our friends went to a Day school this morning.

There about 50 or so kids, ages 2-5 I think.

We sang some songs with ... Read More
POSTED: 12/12/08

Give LIFE away!

We had our Christmas Tea on Monday night and my Pastor's wife brought an amazing message.
There have been quite a few things that keep on coming back to my mind and I just wanted to share them with y... Read More
POSTED: 12/12/08

Christmas Tea

We had our Christmas tea last night at church. It was so fun.
Here some pics from the decorations we put together.
Only 16 days till Christmas! Read More
POSTED: 12/01/08

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Everyone
Happy Thanksgiving!
We are so thankful for your support and prayers.
But above all, we are SO thankful for every gift the Lord has given to us!
Hope you have a wonderful day.

"Joy ... Read More
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