POSTED: 03/27/09

My sweet family!

At the Colorado Zoo. Read More
POSTED: 03/27/09

ballet girls

Ari has moved up into Bella's ballet class. She totally thinks she's so big and Bella absolutely loves having her in the class.
They totally run to stand next to each other. My heart just melts! (Bel... Read More
POSTED: 02/27/09

My little Valentine's

The girls and I had a little Valentine's dinner. :)

We made mini pizza's and used a cookie cutter to cut hearts out of cheese, ham and red pepper.
The girls were thrilled. Bella was very sad to le... Read More
POSTED: 02/13/09


Obviously I'm a photo nut, cos all I ever post are photo's.

A picture says a thousand words, right? :)
We just had a great trip to CA. We took the girls to Disneyland and they loved it of course! ... Read More
POSTED: 02/09/09

I must be crazy ;)

It was my friend's birthday today and the girls' and I picked up some YUMMY cupcakes for her.
But of course we had to stop and eat one ourselves.
There is soooo much sugar in one of these! EEEEeeee... Read More
POSTED: 02/09/09

A sleep over!

Soooo, a couple times (when Jeremy is away) we've tried to have a sleep over and I've let the girls sleep in my bed with me.
"Tried" being the word... :)
So I decided to get clever tonight and make ... Read More
POSTED: 02/09/09

Jeremy in South Africa

Read More
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