POSTED: 05/10/09

Bella is Speaking Louder!

The sweetest thing just happened...
Bella has been trying to do some "jobs" around the house (cleaning her room, unpacking the dishwasher with me, pulling weeds etc) because she wants me to give her ... Read More
POSTED: 05/01/09

It is time to seek the Lord

I've been reading in 1 Chronicles lately. It's been so awesome - really speaking to me a lot.
A few days ago I read Chap 14.
(Read it if you have a sec)
It's such a great chapter.
It's speaking ab... Read More
POSTED: 04/28/09

Photo Updates from Adie

The girls have a new BFF! Jason (from Hawk Nelson) schooling the girls about life. :)
"Tell me another story, Jason!"

This is what happens when you have girls!!

Here is Jeremy's young... Read More
POSTED: 04/09/09

"I'm Alive" Video

Singing Jeremy's song "I'm Alive"!!! Read More
POSTED: 03/31/09

Ari's Birthday Party

I have to say I love the internet, this way our families who are far away get to see all these things too!

(I love you guys!!!)

We had a garden theme party for her, so basically everything you f... Read More
POSTED: 03/27/09

Sweetest Daddy

Bella and Jeremy in the bunk together reading books.

It's these moments that make being on the road such a treasure! Read More
POSTED: 03/27/09

One of my life Chapters

Romans 12
"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.
And do not be confo... Read More
POSTED: 03/27/09

The adventures of the pink harmonica

Bella is fully watching Jeremy soundcheck and playing her pink harmonica along with him. Sooo cute! Read More
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