POSTED: 10/14/08

Photo update from Adie

Here are some photo updates from Adie's blog:

This is the American version of what a Pumpkin Patch is...

The South African version (the theme for a kids tv show) goes like this...

"Pumkpin Patch, whoah, Pumpkin Patch!
Let's all go to Pumpkin Patch - Woof! Woof!
Pumkpin Patch, whoah, Pumpkin Patch!
Everyday we play, in Pumpkin Paaaaaatch!!!"

(Hopefully, there's someone South African reading my blog that will appreciate that little trip back in time... ha ha)

My two pumpkins

Jeremy and Bella
Jeremy was so excited to be playing with Lincoln Logs again!!!

A beautiful day outside (at the zoo - Again!)

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