POSTED: 05/29/09


Hey Everyone
We're heading over to the UK tonight for a few days before the European shows start.
Please pray for safe travels and for all of us to adjust to the time zones that we're in (especially the girls)!
Also for good health and for the people's hearts to be open to the Lord and for them to be strengthened and encouraged.
I'm SOOOO excited. The girls and I are only going for a little portion and mainly to see my brother over there.
We'll try keep the blogs coming and hopefully we'll be posting lots of pics and stuff too!
Much love to you!

May 31st


We made it over safely.
So far we've been having so much fun.
Jeremy and I watched a Peter Pan show last night (one of my fav's!).
It was great - amazing acting!
Today we've walked TONS and made good use of the Underground!!! The girls did so well today - total little champs. :)
We went on the London eye, shopped in Soho, went to Buckingham Palace, saw Big Ben and the houses of Parliament and St Margeret church at Westminster Abbey. I think that was all. :)
I'll post some pics soon - the internet is too slow here and it's taking forever to load.
Thanks for your prayers!!!

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