POSTED: 05/10/09

Bella is Speaking Louder!

The sweetest thing just happened...
Bella has been trying to do some "jobs" around the house (cleaning her room, unpacking the dishwasher with me, pulling weeds etc) because she wants me to give her money for it.
It started with her getting a little plastic Hello Kitty piggy bank and she quite enjoys putting coins in it.

Today at nap time she had cleaned up her room and asked me to give her some money and so I said, "Well babes sometimes we have to do things to look after our things and not just to get money."
Then she told me that she actually wants to work and work and get lots of money because she wants to buy all the kids that don't have anything, toys.
She told me she wants to give her bears away and some blankets too, so they can have good sleep at night.
She told me I need to give some of my food away and our cereal too, so they can have lots of cereal.
Then we prayed together for nap time and she prayed that God would love them.
I'm so stoked, my heart is so touched! I've often prayed that the Lord will give my girls' a heart for other people and it's so sweet to see it unfold.
Watch this space tho! My mind is going crazy of all the little things we could do. I know there are so many people and children especially that are in need and if Bella (or Ari) have a heart for it, you can be sure I'm going to encourage it with all of mine!
As any mom would ask, please pray for wisdom as we raise these precious gifts the Lord has entrusted to us!
I'm so thankful for God's Spirit that prompts us and teaches us.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and no matter how much your mamma may have blown it, make sure you give her some love on Mothers Day. :)
Much love to you all!!!!!

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