POSTED: 04/28/09

Photo Updates from Adie

The girls have a new BFF! Jason (from Hawk Nelson) schooling the girls about life. :)
"Tell me another story, Jason!"

This is what happens when you have girls!!

Here is Jeremy's youngest brother Josh (pretending to be Melvin!)
He came on the bus with us this weekend and we had Sooo much listening to all the bands together!
Josh loves music and more than that he LOVES to rock out!!
Yeah! Go Josh!!

Sooo... I did not take one single photo last night as the Dove's. oops.
But I do have a few from the Ascap Awards on Monday night. :)

This is my new hair, thanks to Matt's wife Charee! Yay!
I look exactly like my Mom in this picture! (I love you Marms!!

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