POSTED: 02/27/09

My little Valentine's

The girls and I had a little Valentine's dinner. :)

We made mini pizza's and used a cookie cutter to cut hearts out of cheese, ham and red pepper.
The girls were thrilled. Bella was very sad to learn that Valentine's Day only comes one day a year.
We also had some dessert. That's probably why she was sad. ha ha

I had to laugh, cos Matt called and said someone wanted to know what Jeremy and my Valentine's traditions were and the truth is (as many wives of musician's know) - it's so seldom that we're ever together on these occasions.
So maybe if Jeremy had an alter ego he would wake me up with coffee and toast (my fav breakfast) and serenade me all day long - ha ha.
No seriously. He got home today and bought me some flowers and a sweet card today which isn't bad - the day after??

I'm thankful never-the-less to have a wonderful godly husband who I love and respect with all my heart. Hey, I'm allowed to get sappy!! It's the day after Valentine's Day! :)

On the love note... I love you guys too and I'm so thankful for your prayers and support.
We are very very blessed!
All my love ALWAYS!

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