POSTED: 12/23/08

What a Day!

We had such a great day today.

Jeremy, myself, the girls, Matt and some of our friends went to a Day school this morning.

There about 50 or so kids, ages 2-5 I think.

We sang some songs with them and then I read a couple stories to them. We had them dancing and jumping around - it was so cute!

Then tonight, little Bella got to be 'Mary' in her pre-school Christmas production. It was so sweet. She did a great job. The children sang 'Silent Night' in French, German and English. :)

It was so funny, cos we've been gone a lot and so Bella has missed a couple weeks of pre-school. While we've been gone they've been practicing 'Silent Night' in French. I tried to teach Bella by myself, which usually isn't a problem, but for some reason she had NO interest whatsoever in co-operating with me on this one.

So last week her teacher called me and asked if she would like to be Mary, but then she wouldn't be singing the French part. I was so relieved, and Bella got let off the hook! Lucky fish!

ha ha

Anyway, here are some pics from tonight. I'll post some pics of us with the kids when I get them...


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