An Epic, No Less

POSTED: 07/11/12

An Epic, No Less on Music & Ministry

Our band became more of a family this summer. After a jaunt to Creation Fest in PA, two quick Ohio camps, and a final journey to Cornerstone, Neil Endicott took the terminal steps of his trek down a long aisle to become the husband of Daniel's sister, Anna. (Dan and Hannah were best man and maid of honor, respectively, Todd officiated.)

Playing loud instruments is fun... But I think it's ministry just like this that means most to us.

God help all of us to do what we can to change lives.

August 14th, is the release date for our record. And I couldnt think of a greater punctuation to the end of the first chapter of a band that has dramatically effected all of us who are a part. It is our hope that the next chapter brings encouragement to you, and to all that are with you.