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POSTED: 08/04/10

The Rock & Roll Legend of Geoffrey…


Everybody has heard the phrase “Business up front, party in the back”, most of the time in reference to what the layman would call the mullet. Well, let me tickle your senses with another possibility, another option if you will, one of grandeur and splendor that only comes from 45 minutes with a hair straightener…..enter Geoffrey Keith Ashcraft, the pioneer and sole proprietor of ”Party up front, party in the back”.

Geoff emerged from Austin, Texas some years ago with nothing but an old, worn-out pair of converse, a guitar, and an autographed picture of he and Fred Durst. He loaded up the ole rusty jeep and drove cross-country to Atlanta, GA with hopes of fulfilling his pop/reggae dreams of stardom, which to this day never happened. However, this guy has quite the story, and with good reason spells his name in such a way that leaves other “Jeffreys” thankful that they don’t have to live up to such hype.

A typical day in the life of Geoff is quite complex. It starts with a bowl of cereal that will leave even the avid cereal eater begging for milk mercy. After the cereal, Geoff moves on to the Listerine, because every good day starts with good breath. And as if the Listerine gives Geoffrey some magical powers, he pulls out the P90X yoga mat and goes to town. And several pushups, sit-ups, chin-ups, jumping jacks, lunges, toe touches, and crunches later, Geoff is more cut than a Christmas ham. And that’s not all. He does it all with a squirrel sitting on his shoulder. Moving on from his intense workout, Geoff would hit the shower and then on to lunch at Subway, where he would order a Spinach sub as if to say, “Yes, I do resemble Popeye”, all while sporting sunglasses that would have landed him a cameo in the Leonardo film “The Aviator”. After Subway you might see Geoff hit up the local music shop in search of such diamonds as “Tonic, Third Eye Blind, and Duncan Sheik. Why? Because Geoffrey has great musical taste. After lunch Geoff heads back to the house to hit the practice field, that is his room and a guitar. Geoff will spend the next several hours crafting his art much like Pablo Picasso sculpted people without their clothes on (don’t shoot the messenger). After practicing his Minor Pentatonic Scales for Guitar, with fingers bloody from shredding his favorite Mark Tremonti solos, Geoff will end every productive day with a run to Smoothie King. Because that’s what rock and roll icons do, they rock their guitar while keeping their physique and thinking about the environment all at the same time. Well done, Geoffrey. I’m proud to have the privilege of playing alongside this guy every day. It’s refreshing to have someone to keep you on your toes musically.

It is for the reasons stated above, and many more, that I introduce to you Geoffrey Keith Ashcraft. Guitar extraordinaire. One of my top 3 band-mates. A legend by the age of 28. A crafty and cunning individual that will leave you wondering at every gas station…..”How did he get to the bathroom before me?” This guy won’t let you down ever, so come one, come all, and lend your ear to some of the most amazing guitar riffs that ever made it to sound waves. Thank you for experiencing….

The Geoffrey.

-Written by Josh Kirk.

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