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POSTED: 07/30/10

K-LOVE’s Day at The Museum!

We’re honored to be a part of this great promotion with KLOVE – make sure to check it out & listen in this week on your local KLOVE Station!

K-LOVE’s Day at The Museum is your chance to spend a weekend in Chicago at a museum with band The Museum! You’ll be taking a group of underprivileged kids on an amazing field trip with the band and enjoy an exclusive concert by The Museum! Listeners will be invited to play the 5 in 10 game, where they will have the opportunity to name 5 items found in a museum in 10 seconds.

How do I qualify?

Listen for your chance to call in at 1-800-900-1300 and be the designated caller to play the 5 in 10 game. If you can name 5 items found in a museum in 10 seconds, you will win a copy of The Museum’s new album Let Love Win and qualify for the grand prize.

What is the grand prize?

Roundtrip airfare for 2 to Chicago to take underprivileged kids on a field trip to a museum during the weekend of August 27-29. You will be accompanied by the band The Museum and enjoy an exclusive concert by the band.

The grand prize winner will be announced Friday, July 30th during the 5pm (CST) hour.
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