Raphi Biography

Tunnel Rats stated that they will never "Bow Down" (see album review). It also seems that they will never stop putting out music. The latest comes from TR crew member Raphi, with his solo release on Uprok Records titled Cali Quake.

CD Calling all heads: if true hip-hop with a variety of beats and flows is what you're looking for, then look no further. Raphi stays true to the Tunnel Rats vein with quality hip-hop, battle lyrics and songs about the life of a young Christian man, with dope beats provided by Dert.

The futuristic "Welcome" features Dax of L.P.G. and Macho of New Breed (see album review). The beat which sounds "like some 2012 dance hall cut", according to Raphi, is a syncopated beat with crazy synth sounds. Raphi, Dax, and Macho deliver tight flows as Macho explains that he "brings heavenly revelation on what 3:16 (John) should be." This is a hit in the making.

Raphi also delivers a Spanish vibe with "Then and Now", a song about the changes that he has gone through with many different aspects in his young life. Robert Hernandez on guitar gives the song its Latin edge alonside Dert's beat.*

Raphi Want a second take on Cali Quake? Gospelflava.com asked Raphi himself to talk about the album. Here are his own words:

This album is for anybody who likes Hip Hop, really. There's a variety of styles on here, it's not all on one vibe, so there's a little something for everybody. The raps play a part in that as well. I try to freak different flows, time signatures, rhyme patterns, etc. Some stuff you might not notice until you've heard it a dozen times.

Most of the music out there sounds the same nowadays. As soon as somebody comes with something new and fresh, everybody tries to copy it. Rather than trying to come up with something of their own, a lot of cats seem to recycle. The same samples, drums loops, melodies, hooks, I mean they recycle everything. After a while that just gets tired.

I'm trying to shake things up, or at least cause a stirring. I'm from Cali and I rep it to the fullest.....

*Whatever beat, topic or style of flow it is Raphi comfortably handles each one with style and grace. If you are looking for a hip-hop album that is as dope as Busta Rhymes, Cam'ron, Casual and Nas, but with thought-provoking lyrics replacing crass, then prepare for the Cali Quake.