Sev Static

Sev Static Biography

Sev Statik is one of the most prolific artists in underground music today. Hailing from the 518, Albany NY, Sev has been around the block a few times. Working with many artists, labels, major and indie, and a few different crews Sev lives on the frontline of movement inside hip hop music. With a beautiful vocal tone and uncanny ability to write interesting cadences his rhymes style is truly unique. Interjecting his life into his music is where his true gift is through making content the true star of the show. Speak life is a motto or "mantra" that would best describe his attutude toward writing music. Inspired by golden era emcees like Rakim, KRS and Run DMC you can rest assure Sev Statik is the truth.

With four crew albums, three solo albums, two ep's, five vinyl releases and a multitude of guest appearances and side projects - best believe SEV STATIK has paid his dues. Sev has rocked the tightest spots in the US and Canada throughout his 10 year history in releasing hip hop music. He's blessed stages with the best of the best from Rhymesayers, Smif-n-Wessun, Redman Mobb Deep, KRS-1, Brand Nubian, Talib Kweli, Dilated Peoples and many more.

Being a member of Tunnel Rats and Deepspace5, Sev has gained a loyal following in the underground hip hop community. His career started in '97 releasing his first official EP called The Point Man followed by a split 12" with his Deepspace5 bredren, Manchild. From there Sev kept working with other artists and released 2 group projects through EMI. His first official solo album Speak Life (EMI/Uprok) dropped in November 2002 featuring production by Dert (KRS-1, TR's), DJ Cheapshot (Linkin Park, Fort Minor) and Dave Santos .

Receiving national exposure for reviews in URB, Stress, Blaze, 4080, Rap Pages and numerous online zines Sev has had a few features and 2 cover pieces on Albany's own cultural publication, Metroland Magazine.

Sev Statik's new release, Back to Dust, features production by fellow Deepspace 5 bredren, DJ Dust. Guest artists include LMNO, Theory Hazit, Manchild, Playdough, Big Shame, Supastition and Elias - With a fresh posse cut featuring Triune, Motion Plus, Griffin, Cas Metah and Relic. Already with two video singles in support of Back to Dust you can purhcase it on iTunes via Rawkus 50!

*A note from SEV STATIK: "I put out music because I love my fans and this art. The business of music is a different beast so, I keep it independent for the most part. I've been rhyming before I was a teenager so doing this for about 2 decades is something to talk about. I won't retire. There will be no ceremony. Nothing effects my urge to spit or quit. I have a talent and I want to share it. Plain and simple. Match my grind... then multiply it. That's how it should be done. We're not here that long, so make sure you leave a legacy. Respek".