Ill Harmonics

Ill Harmonics Biography

Ill harmonics is an underground hip hop group comprised of Blake Knight, Harry "Playdough" Krum, and Gib. Playdough is also a member of hip-hop collective Deepspace5. Both Knight & Krum are considered to be producers, having got their start on Rhymes Monumental & E-Roc records in the late 90's. Before they were signed as Ill Harmonics, the duo toured with a band from New Orleans called Earthsuit which later disbanded. Some of the members later began the band Mute Math.

The staple of the ill harmonics sound began as hip-hop with an acoustic flair and later evolved into a more classic hip hop sound steering far from the stereotypes of today's rap. In some circles, the group is credited with being the first hip hop band to use a drummer rather than dj. Due to the number of references in their lyrics to locations in the state of California, many listeners mistakenly believe the duo to be Californian, but they are actually based in Dallas, Texas. They do frequently visit the West Coast, and member Gib, originally from Dallas, has made his home in Hollywood for the last several years.