Jaymes Reunion

POSTED: 07/06/10

Vote For Jaymes Reunion On MTVU!!

Jaymes Reunion's video is up at MTVU Music! They need your help to be the favorite video! Please VOTE over and over again and make Jaymes Reunion the #1 video!! Thanks! :) CLICK HERE to vote now! Tell... Read More
POSTED: 05/10/10

Jaymes Reunion is Featured On Seventeen.com.

There you have it folks, Jaymes Reunion is featured as Seventeen.com's "Band Spotlight." CLICK HERE to check out it out and feel free to "share" with your friends.Jaymes Reunion's debut full length album... Read More
POSTED: 04/20/10

Jaymes Reunion's Debut Album Is Available Now!

Yes, Jaymes Reunion's debut full length album "Everything You've Been Looking For" is available now! You can get "Everything You've Been Looking For" at iTunes (for ONLY $7.99), AmazonMP3 (for ONLY... Read More
POSTED: 04/19/10

Jaymes Reunion's AOL Album Premiere Is LIVE!

You can take a sneak peak and listen to Jaymes Reunion's "Everything You've Been Looking For" a day before the album comes out! Go check out "Everything You've Been Looking For" AOL Album Premiere now!Also,... Read More
POSTED: 04/07/10

FREE Music From Jaymes Reunion

In honor of Jaymes Reunion getting ready to release their new full length album "Everything You've Been Looking For"...they have a little treat for you all....FREE MUSIC!! Head on over to jaymesreunionmusic.com... Read More
POSTED: 09/22/09

Jaymes Reunion's New Album Is Available Now For ONLY $4.49

Jaymes Reunion's new self-titled album "Jaymes Reunion" is out today!! CLICK HERE to get it at iTunes for ONLY $4.49!!! Feel free to hit them back and let them know what you think!!Also, if you haven't... Read More
POSTED: 03/31/09

Jaymes Reunion's Hit Single, "Let It Shine, " Is Available On iTunes

We wanted to let you know that the new single from Jaymes Reunion, "Let It Shine" is available now on iTunes!! CLICK HERE to get it today...keep in mind that you can gift it to your friends ;) The gift... Read More
POSTED: 03/10/09

Check out the new Jaymes Reunion Widget

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