Jaymes Reunion

POSTED: 11/21/08

Doing ‘fine’ in high places!

hey friends..sorry its been awhile since our last post! but we are coming back around…

so check it out…today me (cameron) and a couple of buddies, jason & chris, went out to san francisco to do a little fun filming…

we decided it would be cool to shoot some videos on a really cool roof in that overlooks san francisco, and is close to the golden gate bridge…its a beautiful view..although it was high up and i was a little nervous of falling off while i played the song… the videos shot today were just acoustic videos, me and my guitar…due to the fact that we didnt have time to pull together the production for a full band acoustic video on the roof…but im working on the logistics for that…so maybe thats coming soon?

anyways heres a snap shot from the acoustic session…its gonna be really cool though! music on rooftops rule!