Jaymes Reunion

POSTED: 08/15/08

CJ’s trip to seattle!

so i thought this would be cool to blog about..SEATTLE!

here in jaymes reunion we all love the city of seattle..for a couple of reasons…

A) its really awesome

B) our record label is located there

c) cool things happen when we go there!

so i got a chance to head up to seattle a few weeks ago, for a little hang time with folks from our record label, as well as some REALLY cool new friends from a bunch of cool radio stations, and not to mention a bunch of musicians! some of the guys from run kid run, hawk nelson, kutless, as well as my buddy chris taylor were all there. it was such a MONEY group of people!

tooth and nail records basically got us all together and scheduled a bunch of awesome events to do, and gave us an opportunity to make some new friends! we seriously have the coolest record label!

so it all started with a duck cruise! this bad boy can handle land or water…our tour guide was incredible! i cant really remember his name, haha, but besides that he was a memorable dude. he wore a sweet mullet whig, and laughed uncontrollably at his own jokes..he was a gem!

the next thing we did was went to the EMP (experience music project)- www.empsfm.org/

this place was AWESOME, just a whole museum dedicated to rock n’ roll, as well as science fiction. i know random right!? that kind of sums up musicians in general, we like rock n’ roll and a good ol’ sci- fi flick. we are strange creatures! i took this picture of this cyclone of guitars…it was incredible..but i was slightly depressed because there were tons of great guitars mounted on this thing..and i kind of wished i could have put them to better use!!! haha! oh well :(

so as you can see…pretty cool stuff!

after that we all had dinner and went bowling..i didnt take any pics of that though! sorry guys. but i will tell you this one thing about the night of bowling..the guys from RUN KID RUN, are great bowlers….it was pretty rediculous how good these guys were. and on top of it all, they had great celebrations for every strike or spare that they threw!
that was the end of the first day of our experience!

the next day we got up bright and early and everone went to TOOTH & NAILS office for breakfast as well as a session of rock band in the conference room!

so these are a few pics from the record label…where all the magic happens…i personally think that our record label has the COOLEST offices. the first picture is the reception area…although i havent EVER seen anyone sitting at that reception desk! the next two are the guys and girls bathroom doors….pretty cool right! gotta have those guitars in hand! and the last pic is of the conference room…if you look closely you will see the rock band drums under the tv screen….there were some pretty awesome rock band performances in that room!

after that we all went into another room and everyone played a couple of songs just with acoustic guitars and the radio stations folks got a really cool private concert from all the artist! it was awesome!

lastly after the little impromtu concert, we all went to teh seattle aquarium!

here are a few photos!

a few cool pictures!

anyways after that it was straight to the airport for a quick flight back home to california! it was a quick but very fun trip! hopefully this post wasnt too long for you all! but i wanted to tell you guys about it!

- cameron