Jaymes Reunion

POSTED: 04/20/10

Free Music! (Video Blog)

Visit www.jaymesreunionmusic.com to get 2 unreleased Jaymes Reunion songs! Read More
POSTED: 04/07/10

Video Updates from Jaymes Reunion

Videos from the road! More video blogs at http://www.youtube.com/user/jaymesreunionmusic Read More
POSTED: 01/05/09

I Need Africa!

Hey friends! I wanted to take a moment to tell you about something that we in Jaymes Reunion are excited about being involved with! its called Mocha Club
we are VERY excited about the different proje... Read More
POSTED: 11/21/08

Doing ‘fine’ in high places!

hey friends..sorry its been awhile since our last post! but we are coming back around…

so check it out…today me (cameron) and a couple of buddies, jason & chris, went out to san francisco to do... Read More
POSTED: 10/02/08

Fun in Visalia

So we just got back from a pretty awesome weekend in the central valley and I must say out show in Visalia was one of the most fun shows I’ve ever played! I don’t think I’ve ever been taken car... Read More
POSTED: 08/15/08

CJ’s trip to seattle!

so i thought this would be cool to blog about..SEATTLE!

here in jaymes reunion we all love the city of seattle..for a couple of reasons…

A) its really awesome

B) our record label is located... Read More