Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Biography

When an artist becomes associated with a particular genre, the listening public can sometimes unfairly pigeonhole them to that style and prevent them from exploring new territory. Case in point, KJ-52, who's been tagged by many as the Christian version of Eminem after just two albums, especially after the hype surrounding his letter to the controversial rapper in "Dear Slim." Though KJ's heart remains in rap and hip-hop, he's always wanted to participate in a project that breaks beyond those specific styles. Thus the creation of Peace of Mind, a side band that teams KJ with a live rock band comprised of keyboardist/producer Todd Collins (co-founder of Gotee Records), guitarist/producer Pete Stewart (Grammatrain, Tait, Sanctus Real), and drummer Rick May.

From the get go, it's obvious that Peace of Mind is something quite different from the sound most would expect from KJ-52, combining his familiar raps and wit with alternative rock and hardcore rhythms.