Seven Places

Seven Places Biography

Seven Places is simply this – a ministry driven, evangelistic rock band with
very legitimate music. You will be hooked by this sound and the lyrics. In
a time when so many bands place the mark of legitimacy on mainstream
success, Seven Places is interested in an alter call.

Beyond any hit single, a spot on any coveted tour, or the quest for
longevity, Seven Places’ members would rather focus on the ministering
elements of such songs. Unlike some bands with Christian members who get
their start on the spiritual scene in hopes of crossing over to the
mainstream, Seven Places’ specifically strives to edify the body of Christ
and revive hurting listeners’ faith. ““We’re about presenting a faith that
is real and relevant to young people that have grown up in the church and
we’re hear to remind them that this isn’t just their parents’ God,” Seth
(lead singer) concludes. “It’s about getting a message of hope to those that
have been burnt out in their walk and getting them back on track.”

The band follows up there hit album "Hear Us Say Jesus" with 10 new tracks
packaged as "Glowing". The songs were produced by Zach Hodges (Mainstay,
The Fold) and Seth Gilbert and are a mix of original and worship songs.
Truly a beautiful listen.